Sunday, January 4, 2009

The $93,000 Act of Gender Politics Fraud

Perhaps I've had my ears boxed too many times, but I can't remember dates. It was inside of 2008 that the local news shared a story that the city was commissioning a study of salaries with reference to gender. Similar studies have been conducted since the 1970s and the same result comes up every time.

All such studies show that men earn more than women. and at all times it has been common knowlege that wage earners are entitled to equal pay, and that the disparity favoring men explains away as men earning more in commissioned sales and executive salaries.

I would't be such a prick about the waste of public revenue, last year it was $93,000 bones paid to an interest group or individual to produce the same fraud that follows all studies of the kind, but now there is new reason to claim that women should be given preferential treatment over men in distribution of public revenue: It was recently claimed that the misleading results of the last gender study fraud prove that women are more adversely impacted by our newly christened economic recession. This new lie makes a matching candle stick to go with the new source of dim and loathesome light. Not only was public money wasted on the study, the fraud of it is being used to direct scarce resources to the wallets of an interest group that nets a continuum of poor results. Men have been done great harm in the American work force over the last few decades and have been treated like dirt, while the systematic empowerment of women made it all more unfair and counterproductive to sustained economic well being.

Fair and Equal Access To Public Money! End Gender Politics! All-inclusive Economic Revitalization!


Anonymous said...

I would agree that the male of the species is basically thrown to the wolves as far as social assistance, but then again, who wants to see a million crazed banshee women running down the street for social justice. Sorry guys, I have faith that we neanderthals can live by our wits. The social network is a matriarchical construct, and well it should be, kids gravitate to the laundry fresh scent where they can be tagged, fed and released.

Bruce Reisner said...

Gee, Gaboo, I stand corrected.