Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

spike throwing is a convivial new indoor sport


I hope the link above works, it won't be up long if not.  I have been letting the world know that the arcane martial art of spike throwing can be a lovely indoor sport, perfect for apartment dwellers, as the film clip shall reveal.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Herbal Medicine Report #1

Using the Herb Schizandra

This writer got interested in herbal healing a few years ago, self-tested some, and have incurred some positive results. Among them, the herb schizandra, a dried berry in powder form, was used according to tradition. It is believed to enhance recovery from illness or injury, improve the middle aged libido, and to facillitate general health.

It is best taken in the form of an infusion, taken about six times a day, in intervals, from morning to bed time, for three to four consecutive days. It is a generality in herbal healing that remedies be taken in regimen form, periodically, for best results.

The infusion is mixed with green tea, six cups a day, mixing about a half to one ounce of infusion to the cup of green tea. The proper amount of schizandra can be determined by the taste. The right amount per serving will alter the flavor of the tea, and will add a pleasing tang. If it tastes bad (caustic, chemical tasting) it is too much schizandra. The infusion is made as follows:

needed: powdered schizandra, two empty wine bottles, largefunnel, coffee filter, two cups boiling water, green tea.

Use funnel to put one tablespoon of schizandra powder into wine bottle, then pour in pint boiling water. Cap the bottle and leave it sit over night. It is recommended to start making the infusion in the late evening. It is ready to filter and begin using after about eight hours, so best to begin regimen first thing in the morning. Filter the infusion, putting coffee filter in the funnel, inserting in empty wine bottle, and slowly pouring infusion from the first bottle into the funnel. It will drip through in a few minutes. The filtered infusion should be kept in the refrigerator, and can be used for forty eight hours, after which, discard and make a fresh batch to continue regimen.

Schizandra is allergenic to some people, said to cause a near instant respiratory attack in those with allergy. It is recommened that users test for allergy as follows: make tea per instructions, take one sip, wait a half hour, take a second sip, wait half hour. It is said user will feel sickened quickly if allergic. It is recommened user keep a phone handy to call for help if needed. Allergic reactions are said to be severe. Use with caution.

Thus far, this writer has experienced no bad reactions, though it is palpable when too much schizandra has been taken. It has a caustic, chemical taste and smell, and is toxic in large amounts.

The green tea can be used in tea bags, pouring boiling water into a cup, steeping the tea for a few minutes, then add infusion. Again, the right amount of infusion per cup yields a pleasant, tangy taste, and user may notice improved sense of vitality during and after the regimen. This writer did, with a specific. Specifically, improved libido lasting a few days. The info, gathered from several internet sources, say that this regimen is not to be over used, and should be done perhaps once every other month. One of the tenets of herbal healing is that nothing works the same all the time, and the greatest benefit is derived by spacing regimens through out the year. Some sources recommend six week intervals. It is a time tested approach to improved general health.

Schizandra has been used for hundreds of years, has been popular among Asian men to treat sexual dysfunction and a host of other ailments, and may improve circulation. It is being suggested because this writer believes this herb may be worth further study. Powdered schizandra can be purchased on the internet at:

This company appears to be an excellent source of herbal teas and other supplies.

Among points of interest, it is recommended that herbal medications be taken in small amounds throughout the day for a period of several days. It is advised that nothing be used every day, and most deffinately, less is more. The best use is in the least amount that does the job.

It has been discussed in the media that daily use of vitamin pills may be a poor delivery system, and that the better strategy to enhance health is to ingest the right substance, the right way, and in conjuction with whatever else is needed to potentiate the substance. It has been opined that by isolating a nutrient, it may be rendered ineffective. It is this writers thesis that herbal remedies, properly used, may answer the problem of how best to administer the substance. Recent articles stated that vitamin E, for instance, taken in gel cap form, is seriously less beneficial than previously thought, and is only beneficial taken with other substances unknown. It is my thesis that regimens using herbal teas, infusions, and tinctures may provide the substances needed to potentiate the nutrient. Thus far I have been using only products used for centuries, per instructions found easily on the internet or library. As a generality, I have found information reasonably consistent from source to source, have checked a lot of them, and continue to advocate natural healing.

The herb, schizandra, used by this writer, netted a positive result, so it seemed sociable to share the experience. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Poem in Four Parts

The Vanishing Male



tiger lillies
dragon lillies
he closed like the broad petal flower
one or the other orange carnal shower

confusing the two lillies
disemfranchised Billy goes willy nilly into factory preset defaulting shill position
options for tulips in winter
dragon and tiger lillies



layer it on men
rotten dirty men
men are in rotten condition
they eat Cheetos
cheat lots
sink to generic nacho corn chips
I see these people carrying forty five bags of chips
and the diet extends to their biz
they get this bunched up look



tippy tippy toe out of Wheaties
milk sopping
off that chenille lavender monogrammed sweater
the bald noggin laureled up in milky wheat flakes
milk dripping down the face
gee whilikers these silky resurrections
are free as the public library
though not remunerative
milk sours
flakes crust
flies land


zone robbing

she-power rising
Empress A floating down the Monongahela
in her fracking fluid barge
floating on a cushion
her addicted slaves
row adoringly
floating on inner tubes
within the cast iron hull
in lucrative waste management