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Birth of a Salesperson

Death of a Salesman was last year, in the sense of being untimely.   Arthur Miller's brilliant play was about the last things in the life of a failing salesperson, Willy Loman.  At the time, people were critical of capitalist, beourgois America, and believed that the family unit was beleaguered by brutal economics and hostile/aggressive values/behavior.  In yesteryear, people were exhorted to protest against acts of inhumanity, what ever they may be.

Over time, mass public protest became more specialized.  Like everything else. It's conducted on the pretext of human rights.  The protesting is routinely ignored by it's target, usually the government, sometimes, rarely, a corporation.  Like the play Death of a Salesman, the business of protesting has become old and obsolete.   Like Willy Loman.   People have lost their salesmanship to big box stores.  People buy what they want at the lowest possible price, and no longer need professional pitch men.

American salesmanship is at an all time low, and we need to scare it back into existence.  Rather than protest against the federal government, the public needs to sell a plan of action, e.g. single payer health care.