Friday, December 29, 2017

Teaser. Some thing new on the way.

Great news, all, I'm using a brand new imitation game show host name.    I'm  Donk Bronfman, and I will be hosting a youtube sham, using two camcorders.  

 One contestant at a time.  In a sequence, structure.    I'm not a trog.   Everyone is competing for a plaque.   For a twist, the camera is on another person, probably me, others, too, while who ever is talking does it directly into the back of a camcorder.   It's the cheapest way to do it, save the six dollar ebay webcam, which gives you worse resolution.  People have pulled this sort of thing.   Worse bastards than here.   

It's psychodrama format. Simple.  I'm the Host.  Donk Bronfman.  Just thought up the name about a hour ago.  Will be making video crap.  You'll hoot.

Actually, I will make some attempted humor videos real soon.  Will be pasting here as fast as can.  Cheers.  I'm elated to be another guy.  I'm Donk.  Plan to get into the role.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Poem: Mid-Life

his sand is dwindling
upper bulb empties like a camel voiding
it's twin bulb  accepting his old chairs and velvet paintings
he watches a rerun of Hogan's Heros across the flat screen 
Colonel Klink is shorter, wider
the farce is more encompassing

He ceases to watch the evening news for fear of disappointment
food no longer drives him to hit the MAC machines then the store
tasks have a steamer trunk sense of long term storage

dunes precipitate around his monstrous Barcalounger
Morse code of civics awards along the fire place 
chatters out  entropy
 is terminal pancake batter expanding outward
till the edges bubble
the shell turns crisp
he is plated

Poem: Allegory (that's the title)

it feels so good
trouser rocket blast off
to alpha centauri
make the sun pregnant
hiss mars fuming hell they no good
neptune chucking the trident in the ass of a satyr
'spread you VD in some other ocean'
the old crab yelled
pulling up on a turtle

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Treatise Bangles in Philosophy

I need to share thought's equivalent of  sleet weather re: the Universal Mind.  It is an Eastern concept, sometimes adopted/innovated by juggling, parading diverse other folk, and usually hinges on opening up to all ways of thinking.  To overcome prejudice, an individual may clear his/her mind of vicious stereotypes posed against interest groups.  One may achieve invention or discovery by first dispelling preconceived notions.   One must dispel the idea it's impossible to invent the telephone in order to produce one.  Here's some free range thingies:

Egg head philosopher Immanual Kant described pure reason as the ability to think independent of what is already known or believed.   Also, independent of cultural bias.  Hint, political activists are mighty strongly biased in their own respective interests.  There is so much shit fuck media manipulation going on,now and for history,  Old Fucking Kant's concept of pure reason may be laughable right now.   Let's see if hot heads on the left and right open their minds to rounder reason any time fucking soon.   Not fucking likely. 

Edmond Husserl, one fucking sharp pops of future phenomenology, flogged his specialty: pre-suppositionless thinking.  Relates nice to Kant's crap.   The Big Edster introduced the kraut utterances  'da sein' and 'mit sein,' which this blogger claims to mean perception is altered/defined by that which people own, or, it may mean a place reference as it affects perception.  Figure:  Dude pulls up in a Benz.  He's rich.  He's cool.  Next dude pulls up in a rusty Chevette. He's a jerk.  Next case:  Guy moves to Boston from Meadville, Pa.  Bostonian dude asks the newcomer, "Where you from, pal?"   The newbie says, "I'm from Meadville, Pa."  Dude from Boston assumes the person is a stupid hick, because most people from small towns are.   Only people born in Boston can have complete social acceptance among fat fuck Bostonian types, and I know this shit because the example happened to me, long time ago, and this blog doesn't waste experience.  One prick said, "There's no such place as Meadville, Pa."  In other words, it's too declasse' to speak of.  His perceptions were caustic.  Bastard.  And he's a complete failure at pre-suppositionless thinking.  But that is in the past, and is only recalled for teaching purposes.  I'm over it.  Time for action.

Take yourself two knitting needles right now, and get yourself  to darning  Kant and Husserl's musings into your broadening, healing, loving understanding of the Universal Mind.   Pre-suppositionless thinking, pure reason and the following more developed philosophies of perception are all star players in a fusion of Eastern and Western thinking.  Too, be reminded that this is the path way to original creative thought.  You have to chase negations out of your head with an illusory baseball bat, and invite in positive energies that fuel the arts and sciences, jolly social activities as well.  I party.  Maybe you should too.  But that's private.  In Buddhism, monks clear their minds of stuff so they don't get fucked over with the past.  That seasons the broth.   Makes for softer landings in the future.  One might not move forward sweetly if one is harboring bitter recollections. 

But now is in the present.  Buddhists are into the present tense.  And the Universal Mind.   Mind the concept of 'the void,' of empty space above, in which all things may  precipitate.  Free space precedes  occupied highrise apartment complexes.  As these ugly buildings are installed, fools assume that the whole fucking universe is as ugly as it is in most Pittsburgh slums.  Not so.  But one must walk one's Universal Mind, let it run free in it's formal equivalent of a dog park, for humankind to get it's pointed head head out of its  dilating ass.  People's minds, these days, appears\ to be crap, and this is why I feel it's timely to wunk out The Universal Mind.   Top of the day to you, one and all.

After thoughts on my goddam politcal theory...

...Muhammad Ali's famous rope-a-dope boxing method.  Graceful, archetypal, eloquent, a poet/warrior such as  Dennis Hopper spoke of  in the  movie Apocalypse Now, the athlete had a talent for drawing an opponent close by faking retreat.  All boxing fans know you then apply the invisible left hook, and your moral equivalent of Sonny Liston goes unconscious for ten seconds, minimum, as is needed to cement your pugilistic victory.  Mulling over Trump's move to make Jerusalem capital of the hotly contested Holy Land,  folks are opining a spectrum of possible results, ranging from pleasantly divine to dreadfully apocalyptic.  

And which bar on the spectrum is this blogger sitting on, with murky espresso and a crumb cake?   I shall re-iterate my political theory from yesterday.   The real reason for the transition from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is to draw out terrorists and capture/whack their sorry butts. It's a strategy to deter terrorism in the future by inflicting loss, much as possible, on enemies common to the US, Israel, and where ever else people are J.O.ed with the establishment.  It could be a Katie-bar-the-doors military/policing  strategy.  

Maybe not.  Maybe I'm a little insecure.  Remember the book Portnoy's Complaint?  Off topic.  Sorry.  Forgive me for comparing the transitional act in Israel to Ali's rope-a-dope technique.   I didn't  think this shit up because I like Donald.  No one in their right mind is happy or comfortable with what is happening.  This doesn't  mean that critical analysis should go take a flying fuck.  

The opening salvo of brain waves from yesterday re:  my hot new theory is in the post down below, why not read it too.  If it's not too much trouble.   I'm fussing over Trump's decision to name Jerusalem capital of Israel.  Maybe you should be fussing, in your own  unique special way, under your own personal aegis, your own shopping list of agendas, over what may or not be a fucking big deal.  I'm not getting too jizzed  about it, but it's impactful right frigging now.  Thanks again for reading.   You sweet things.

I Am A Disinterested Theoriest, Damn It...

...and not,not, pinky promise, a Trump supporter.  Everyone is rightfully appalled.   I've been suggesting that times have made protesting the Fed, mayhaps, a cheesy proposition.  We may be skunked out.   Capitulation and appeasement, on the part of angry Trump-hating activists, may be a good idea if taking into account that a nutso, totalitarian state can be mighty oppressive otherwise.  Opinions vary. 

 If it is your plan to resist, be my guest.  I am not protesting anything at this time.  I'm courting productive working relations with an enlightened outer biosphere.  This blog is always committed to the universal mind, no barriers to discussion or creative thought, only resistance to people  being pricks to one another.   This is a humanitarian bullshit session.

I want credit for a goddam political theory.  Might be crap, we'll see.  Suppose the reason Trump named Jerusalem capital of Israel is to draw out enemies.  Maybe the plan is to raise a pattern of communications among terror groups, track communications, and pounce on the grizzled, hummus eating scamps.  Readers who enjoy warfare fanfare may have heard that smart warriors might draw out their enemies, who may be hiding from them, by conducting some sort of stunt.  Maybe Trump pulled his. 

Not even a light/year close to expertise on this matter, I'm flabbergasted that it's even possible for the US president to determine the capital of anywhere out of the US, and even then, we supposedly can claim state's rights and fuss about it.  Israel seems mighty conciliatory towards the switch.  Kidding.  That's a given, for the most part, excepting Israelis who don't want the bother of more terrorism.  Guessing there's a presence of Israelis who are happy as can be about it.  Anticipating quite a ruckus.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Disgrace is a highly under-rated state of affairs.   Take Senator Al Franken for instance.  Accused of sexual harassment, he has announced that he will resign from office and remain an activist for social justice.  I have nothing against the dude, he didn't harass me, and his politics are in no way bothersome.  The part  about continuing forward as an activist is mildly annoying.   Why bother, at this point?   Who is he going to advocate for?  Maybe the public will be less responsive to a person who has been exposed as some type of offender.

I propose that people like Matt Lauer and Al Franken change tack.  They may be needing some sort of lucrative enterprise in the future, should they be sued or otherwise impecuned by their victims.  My suggestion is they all form a hospitality business, maybe geared toward the college spring break circuit, such as the one in Daytona Beach.   Drunk, giddy co-oeds could line for the opportunity to get pinched on the ass by a famous lecher.  Media groupies could flock for a chance to do the nasty with a famous, if currently reviled, celebrity.  At this point there's no further point in pretending to have morals above and beyond the ordinary.   A disgraced celebrity is fortunate for the chance to let it all hang out, and get all the hot youth culture action an old news man like Charlie Rose needs to stay whole and happy.

By my reckoning, people may be lucky to be relieved of moral restraint.   Too much of it, and you get closet creeps like the ones we are all hearing about in the news.  This post is a gag, I don't mean a word of this shit I'm writing, but I do think the public should make an effort to close out of consciousness the private lives of media personalities.   They're assholes.  Their sexual behavior is between them and whomever else is effected by it.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Essay: The Just; The Horny

Friends, I ain't close to being tough, damnit I'm sensitive, horse-whispering, diminutive.   I just want to boast of sufficient fortitude to have never, in all my fragile days, called the police because a broad exposed herself.   And in my time, broads have flashed tits, ass and beaver, in bars, at sporting events, in undisclosed common-enough locations of all sort.   I never sued a woman for ramming a tit in my face.  Recall the chicanery that went on in old haunts like Studio 54.  People are behaving as if people aren't depraved horn dogs, when common alertness begs an off-track opinion.

 Flashing, along with nudging and groping, probably existed from the dawning of glad rags and the libido.    It's a popular mating procedure performed by rock and roll groupies world wide.   Prison inmates of all genders expose themselves to guards and love prospects of equally diverse typings and groupings.   These behaviors are made mention of in the news, in film, literature, legend.  Most currently there is a national backlash against sexual impropriety of all sorts, and holy jeepers,  a ghost ship, analagous to the more famous Flying Dutchman,  the ghost of the Sexual Revolution, looms in vision like an eye-ball floater.  In this case the transparent viscous  mass is shaped like a a giant cock and balls.

For the media to have become the sex deviant haven it is, a flocking process took place.  Perverts who enjoy making films, e.g. Roman Polanski, were drawn to the West Coast media establishment.  The sexual revolution was a popular trend of the 1960s and 70's, and it coordinted divinely with a number of common enough factoids, e.g. sex sells, it draws viewerships, and most wonderful of all, people from here to Timbuctoo discovered sensuality, en mass.   Taboos were wiped off the slate.  Once there was an easy cure for syphillis and gonorhea, there was no reason not to screw one's self into indelible and ever renewable euphoria.  And it was during the same frame that people took measures to liberate the body.  People started getting naked.  It's one of the beefs against Charlie "Mr. Happy"  Rose.  He seemed to think it was acceptable to expose himself.  How times change.  And mice get caught in the disposable adhesive trap.    Allegations of sexual misconduct are a sticky political aparatus.  Always were.

But something new has been added.  Smearing a politician by any means possible is old hat, but currently any media figure at all known to be nasty is open to  controlled career demolition, and in this round of the Social Olympics, it appears women may be trying to open jobs for women by getting men fired.   Could be mass cashing in on law suits.  My sermon on the crap here will gently critique the 'Me Too' campaign, no big deal, but it sounds childish, might instigate false allegations, frivolous litigation, may be extortionate, as well as may  yield   safer and healthier work places.  

The 'Me Too' campaign could be criticised as being a case of mass infantilization and soft core extortion.  There have been ethics problems in the past with intensive reform movements.  Compare it to the slip and fall business.    It tends to streamline litigation while hiking the cost of doing business across the board.    Companies have to eat the cost of being sued and interceded upon.   Reminder: this isn't the first time status as victims was established and recompense was obtained.  

Let's talk about the weenie wagging of one former news man, Charlie Rose.  Some feebrile, quavering apologists could opine that professional assistants and support staff, in many locations, e.g. hospitals, spas, massage parlors, may wind up viewing tits, ass, cocks'n  balls, snatch and all related appurtenances.  It could be further opined that Mr. Rose's support staff ought to be able to deal with some nasty.  I don't recall the media establishment ever being a moral wonderland in any capacity.   If getting naked falls under 'community standards,' it could follow that the hired help will be viewing some dicks.

Sex crimes can be prosecuted, civil offenses can be litigated, and everyone in the respectively prim and horny US is at liberty to communicate complaints and concerns, using the internet, from hither to Planet Uranas.  Add that the 'Me Too' campaign could be a lynch mob mentality in popular format, it's probably wise to keep the trousers up, the mitts in one's pockets, and watch one's frigging mouth.  Seems people are being put on alert.  Point isn't that one side or other is right or wrong, it's another disgusting popular trend with possible shit consequences.  House policy is to encourage positive social relations across the board.   I'm just too faint of heart to get in the middle of a gender conflict.  People should be resolving conflict, not generating it.