Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Shitty Values At Large

 People may be in a relatively weak position within their communities, as if there is such a thing, and at the same time there are philosophical and pragmatic universals.   Individuals have always needed protection of one sort or other, kicking it off with trogs fending off rival trogs using sticks, woofing forward to the nuclear arms race.  If everything was really hunky dory 'round about WW2,  Hiroshima and Nagasaki might still look like black and white pictures taken in the 1930s.  The latter doesn't matter on this blog entry, because this entry deals with a further  backward fact of life.  One can always pay people to protect them, e.g. body guards, security personnel, goons, ex convicts, gee whiz anyone needing dough and  able to guard you and yours.  Including things you own.

Let's us suppose some fool holds great hope for the future of a pile of dog shit.  He has earned, stolen or inherited great wealth.  Enough to keep a time share unit in Vegas for a lifetime. Maybe the creep won the lottery.  He may be mental, and think his pile is of great value, but he can afford to pay an A-team of professionals to keep his crap safe from thieves, saboteurs, copy cats, stool pigeons, et al.   He is at liberty to take his precautions, even if he is a complete asshole.  If there was such a thing as a free market economy, one could say, " Holy fuck, that asshole is doing nicely for himself.  He has a groovy little spread out in the flats, goes to church, and he's paying a posse to guard shit.  That fellow is a motherfucking pillar of society."

He is a pillar of society.  A bunch of people are on that jerk off's payroll.  Last I heard, that fine motherfucker was in compliance with labor laws, and in parts of East Buttfuck it's legal to taser people for trespassing.   If no one was there to zap thieves with a stun gun, the bastards could rob people blind.  Why, fuck it, it would be damn near obstruction of justice not to do something to people who fuck with your personal garbage.  Thanks for fucking reading.  It's fucking decent of you.