Friday, July 27, 2018

Here is more peace and flowers shit

Fuck it all, we all must don pastel waffle stompers and transverse the silvered glass.   It only shatters when breached by a dunce.   And the mirror in this establishment is always perfectly intact, with only minor spherical aberations.  Everything here comes cheap yet productive.  It's the House of Libertarian Euphoria.     There are novel opinions on the Presidency to mull the fuck over.

Here in Ozzdisnia, a computer generated bogus princedom, it is conceivable to all residents that forty fucking five may be applying reasonable and effective managerial science, in some garden variety Machiavellian motif, to domestic and world affairs.  The six foot three inch transgender polar bear ran a complex opening gambit, installing dazzling Bettsy DeVos and Linda McMahon, to instill confusion with prescription stardust.   The move successfully wasted the energies of his many opponents, while hiding critical elements of a more isolationist free market agenda.  

 He appoints a bovine cognitive elite farm lass for press secretary, forcing feminists to fuck themselves over.   They can't subject her to ridicule without exposing themselves as bullies with gender bias comparable to that of white males.   The same principle applies with Linda and Betsy.     

The TPB (transgender polar bear)  pulled his downy ass out of the Climate Conference.    Polar Bear haters will say the president is callous to normal, reasonable environmental concerns and policies.  This word slinging cowpoke suggests, for sport, the exit was part of an opening gambit, in both economic and political strategy.   If successful, the move will force the EU to bargain more favorably to US interests, independent of environmental goals.   Clean, glowing libertarian philosophers will pipe in here that conservation is best achieved by individuals, groups and municipalities better than by the federal government, whose job is better practiced in terms  of foreign and domestic relations.   If the whole shit pile composts properly,  the US economy will be able to rectify it's poor, fucked up lousy self, in time, while retaining the ability to negotiate, initiate, produce, and sell  it's happy fucking self into desirable standards of living.  Jesus tits, a conservative free market philosophy may enable the kind of advanced humane happy horseshit that commie assholes have been huckstering for the last century.  Commie assholes won't admit that libertarians can be the cutting edge of humanity. Individuals develop earning power, influence, and the material ability to construct the arts and sciences.  Critics of the political left could refer to it as a parasite on the arm of formal academics.  Most currently, the fuckers have been booting anything libertarian in nature out of universities.  There are nut jobs out there, like me, who want to schwing the free market way back in.   

A transition out of social economics and into isolationist lessez faire is cooking on the front burner.  Whether it smells good, or whether the cooking stinks, it might turn out swell.  Far fucking out!  If it all goes shitty, then everyone who hates 45 bad will be correct.   No hard feelings.  I'm a nice motherfucker.  We all are.  And we all need to  be feisty enough to handle opposing views on politics.  I'll be schwinging out more political essays real soon.   Oh, fucking happy day!

For a little teaser,  when the spirit moves my hairy ass, I'm gonna' chat up on what started out as Steve 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon's strategy.  It was in the media for  geological nana-seconds, and needs to be retrieved from the cosmic shit-pile of subject matter.  There was a phrase bandied real early in 45dom, "administrative deconstruction" that needs to be talked about, like an eight foot tall hermaphrodite in a powder blue frock.  There should be an agenda to remove leftist politics from government and non-government agencies.   This could be a  fat ball buster for a lot of people.   Baby boomers who were forced as small children to read Dick and Jane books in  school may recall how fucking well, Dick and Jane's mom and dad got along.  And then there was this agenda to destroy the American middle class, for reasons of social justice and progress.  Fuck me for blithering.  I'll get back this crap, next post.    Love everything.   It's all the shit-load we have.

Oh, fuck, before I forget, I've been meaning to bring three names into my shiny zinc bucket of beefs and griefs.  Fucking Paul Krugman, Noam Chomsky, and Tom (Rich Eagle Scout) Steyer are three deluded, irrelevant and desperate bastards.    Chomsky did his best intellectual work a long time ago.   Now his brain is tangled up in blue.   Krugman's socialized economics for elites works atrociously for everyone but his narrow school of toadies.  All tax paid high minded marshmellow fluff.  Steyer has been engaged in a collossal do-gooder project, pure middle class noblesse-oblige, like a mental disorder, in which he tries to save the world by getting 45 impeached, his treat.  Like he's buying us all a fucking ice cream sandwich.  I'll be blithering about this and more, next blog entry.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Blogs are a groovy way to publish poems. Flowers, Peace, Spirituality, Histrionics.

The Pedestrians

that was how to fail
as if someone wrote a curriculum
we were fed bum steers like that in grade school
try teaching a bat to do something different
I had to compact myself repeatedly
we are aerosol cheese
you have to squat down hard to materialize
the crap about upward mobility produced silverfish crackers
weighing in proudly
with hairy legs


Sunday, July 8, 2018

There's a few gems in the compost

Why do I have to explain this shit, like an asshole?   I'm not being a toady.   45 may be applying good managerial science to world politics.   

People are fulminating already.  It's so vitriolic.  I was reading a Washington Post article, and this time they managed to accidentally credit the Dude with novel methods.  The use of cash flow and services to manage EU leadership is reasonable, even if objectionable.  The use of deterrence and incentives  might deserve a blue star here and there on some dental hygiene report in the heavens.  Jack-booting Scott Fucking Pruitt was a nice thing to do.  No one in my preserves are claiming Trump is a far out groovy environmental savior.   The planet, largely our treat, has been awash in toxic waste since decades prior to Trump, Pruitt and Godzilla.  Trump took action in response to public hatred towards Pruitt.  This space monkey wishes to extend a few ripe bananas in advance of the cosmic hope chest.  And of course, lots of individuals may be correct in hating Trump's styling gel plastered coif.  Let's not be rotten towards each other.  I'm a friendly, sociable motherfucker. 

Do I have to sing "Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries?"  Everything is grand.   45  is a fucker, yet there is reason to adopt a passive mind set towards this globalized studio wrestling extravaganza.  It may take a fuck of a long time to iron out all the effects the tariffs are likely to have.   Jobs may be gained/lost hither/tither.   Beware of asshole economic indicators.  Don't listen to Paul Krugman.  This cowboy is anticipating some form of formalized downsizing trend aimed at reducing the scale of federal government.  Rodeo clowns are all singing out loud that this may be part and parcel to Steve 'Sloppy Steve'  Bannon's strategy.  An other aspect of the strategy is to motivate a trend in private cash investment in domestic manufacturing concerns.  If that pops out of Lake Michigan like Moby Fucking Dick, it may mean a new direction in retail.   It's the type of hash free market mavens will sling.

And this is just a load of talk.   Cornelius Vanderbuilt's father called him a 'blatherskite' when he was knee high to a lady bug, and it may have had a painful effect on the lad.  Maybe I'm a blatherskite, too.  Maybe this is a load of garbage.  I'm proud of it.  Burp.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Butthole Political Essay

To make my point, I must relay a hilarious anecdote that Richard Speck,  the late  blond Flower Power era mass-killer, told  while a rose cheeked older prison inmate.   Adipose and matronly, extra-naturally bathyculpian, the Richard-meister shared the time, as an early adolescent, he was expelled from his church. 

Subdued southern Baptists, each week the minister would select a member of the congregation and ask what three hymns he/she would like the choir to perform.  The Sunday it was Speck's turn, he pointed to hot looking males in the choir as he said, "I want him, and him, and him."   No doubt a homophobic denomination of crackers, it was his last Sunday with law abiding normal folk.  Years later he raped and murdered nurses.  His was a long road through gender dysmorphia, with a mighty train of draft horses.   I'd like to biff-bang cognition towards the subject of social norms.

Immutable fuckers they usually are.   With subsidized pockets of slack.  Usually a bitch, you cross the line in the sand, you get fucked in the ass, in the manner proscribed by community fucking standards.  You may be shunned, ridiculed, jailed, tortured, or killed while some church denomination sues for your fast track to Hell.  What does it take for someone to  fuck a norm and net a personal misery for payback?  Diddly fucking little, let me tell you.

My favorite quote, "foolish inconsistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  If you really want to work your mental abs, this may explain why Trump is president, also, why, this time around, it's a reason to sustain the electoral college.   Most often, though, it is why shit-heads in the office downtown  object to what you choose to wear one day.   It's not the federal government that pees on your right to free expression, it's stupid commoners, anywhere, that suppress free speech.  Hang out in a dive bar to witness this divination.  Talk out of line.  Get slugged.   But I digress.

 The human condition for the past two years has been one of combative intrusion and contention.  It's a pissing contest among contestants, all trying to be the angriest.  The problem of people violating cultural norms has  escalated a fat shit-load.  People are manufacturing the norms they attack people for violating.  There are both new and old stigmas to strike individuals with.  Per ideal, imagine a pedophile who  issues microaggressions towards adult women.  Imagine how badly such as prick should be hated.  Anyone can incur comparable contempt, quicker than snot in February, via the internet.   All you have to do is deny that Trump sucks horse cocks. 
Richard Speck worked hard to get where he wound up.   And now, ladies and gents, all you have to do to be shunned is support a rightist philosophy or political agenda.  You can't be conservative without people hurling their pitchforks and horse apples at you, both hands, the whole family jeering at you.  Hard times, these days.  Fucking bitch.  Free speech.  Free expression.   Responsibility sufficient to keep the planet from going completely fucking ape.  We can achieve this shit.