Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New poem: Talking Balls

Talking Balls

the land of stolen honors
 and the city of lost balls
has it all in the margins
basketballs, softballs, superballs
with super zacron energy
spent on wastrel ambition
hand balls
 for palms with self inflicted stigmata
beach balls
 that washed up among inedible green osage oranges
with skin like a gangster
and a core of organic poison
the fruit's born rotten
and plays playground leader to golf balls that sliced out of bounds
soon nesting with smashed beer bottles
late house pets
chucked weapons
a dude's stash
there are trophies forfieted to the rocks and mud
people find them and reject them with regularity
grow familiar with defaulted gear
gym bags with a history
golf tees
 used for some form of cruelty
 used to cheat at the races
 anointed with prohibited grease
I have ceased to take lost balls home
I have enough

Best Things Here Are Free

autumn the crows form murders
a 'murder' is the word for a gathering of crows
and not the meat in a television show
the oaks fill with murders of crows

randy bucks  gallop on pavement 
 salmon spawn
a browsing doe on my front lawn
munches out and returns to her faun

the woodchucks do not predict weather
they deck out in knee length leather
and figure out how to make their lives better

below the hills owned by fauna
the paved Triangle in its trauma
lays in its pricey haze

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm using a pen name sometimes, no secret. My pen name is Bat Robbins, and I might use it for the podcast I'm developing.

Cat Heaven

the kitty went off to the the Kingdom of Osirus
rising above the domed hills
domes spread with houses like sprinkled garbonzos
the radio tower blinking
blimp trailing a banner
billboards selling you this service that has been growing like spinach
cats were treated well in Egypt
they have treated me well here
I'm a person of diverse venerations

Cat Lore

My best freind's patched gray and white cat resembles Earnest Hemmingway.  Pussum's personality might also be compared to the actor Burt Reynolds,  emulated by men and desired by women.  Pussums is a broad beamed, independent cat who very rarely snuggles.    This cat has presence.   Also, large boned elegance, which is rare in people. 

Cat-people interact with Pussums in a manly way.  Even when interacting with women.  People are so confused about the nature of diversity.  No sexism is tolerated.  Nor indicated.   Being both masculine and egalitarian, the kitty should be recognized for outshining most people.   People have been, for throbbing decades,  behind the social/emotional curve, failing in series to adjust to  a manic society.  Cats define an elegant living space.  There's no contest.   They're better than people, which is why the ancient Egyptians were so keen on them.   

 My late kitty, Noodles, was a model of feminity, and was at the same time more like Thomas Jefferson in the way she chose her equals.   She was very discriminating.  And she liked to snuggle a whole lot.   Pussums goes in for more subtle affirmations.   There's a correct way to pat Pussums on the head, which requires thought.  To each his/her own.   Noodles had a good run of about nineteen years, and last year, moved upward to the kingdom of Osirus, as the Ancient Egyptians might have put it.   

The laws of the ancient Egyptians, regarding kitties, was right on, and one or two borrowed thoughts are  house policy here.  They are entitled to top drawer social status.   All cats enter the Kingdom of Osirus upon passing.  Cat owners are organically subject to a period of mourning the loss.  Thus it's moronic not to have a belief system for this sort of hassle.  'Cat Heaven' is a nice way of looking at it.  People from all cultures have 'mouning procedures,' as once explained in an anthropology class. 

 Scientists have claimed cats evolved in the Middle East.  Cats became venerated by the Egytians.  I am certain that Noodles is alive and well in the netherworld.   Osirus knows how to treat a cat.  Per alternative afterlife panarama, the feline cups run over in Cat Heaven.