Tuesday, September 26, 2017

here's a project: I'm writing a song, lyrics below, and will work on the tune right here, work in progress...


it'll hurt worse tomorrow
for now I don't care
it's too platinum
vaulting ten feet in the air
it feels like nitrous oxide
gives you this waxy stare

shiny metal like grannies diamond ring
sun spots flying when you stare deep into those things
 magic buttons go bing bing bing

it might get better in a week
for now I still don't care
minor altercation
rolling down the stairs
it feels like perfect love
everyone's glaring

shiny metal like grannies diamond ring
sun spots flying when you stare deep into those things
magic buttons go bing bing bing

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why bother writing haiku?

Haiku is to prose what chicken wings are to a rack of ribs.  It is smaller, less filling, yet tastes phenomenal and alters perceptions of boredom and ugliness for the short span of time while you are munching it down, or in the case of a poetry reading, listening to sound and content.  There hasn't been a poem written yet that cures acne, while KFC is fucking near famous for causing clogged pores, pimples and blackheads. Yet demand for fried chicken far exceeds demand for anthologies. This is part of a far greater celestial force, best compared to the main stream media, which is turning fucking near everyone into a drooling idiot.  The stars can tell us all facts under the sun, but leave it to us to not read the instructions and fuck everything up completely.

For these reasons and more, I plan to continue, with a small nose-gay of conviction, to compose and present the not-too-fucking-world-shaking media call 'haiku.'  I dumped one in the space directly below this blog entry, on the subject of haiku.  I will be posting more opinions about the humanities, in general, as all media impacts our great and small, grand and hairy lives.  Thanks again for being you and for being here.  You're peachy.

Haiku-a-roo: Why Break Things?

Why Break Things?
by Bruce Reisner

the Ming vase becomes
garbage when it hits the floor
the sound is worth it

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Testing voice recognition on the blog

Oh my jeepers goodness I am using voice recognition software again. It's working. I'm talking. Words are shaking onto the paper. I'm going to try to write novels using this voice recognition software. This right here is a test to see if I can use it on the blog directly, and it appears that I can. Willie bully for us all. Thanks for reading this test.

Saturday, September 2, 2017