Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest Poem: My Illusory Comrades

 Shriek squeaks about the true heart and mind
she has been with me since we met on E. Ohio St.
the eponymous Slug complains the world has become too safe from itself
some spokesperson has to dump the suggestion box into an inchoate law of average
were we all doomed by the television?
Should someone prune the rampant social Hydra?
Couldn't we all revert to being tubes in a giant Philco radio?
At times it seems the answer is music
at other times math and science ride in like Randolph Scott
a lot of my people are lost in the 1960s
we've been hitchhiking on this complex of ramps off route 279
trying to reach City Hall
with our boxes and boxes of frankenscence

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mini-Mission Statement

Before I forget where I left my butt, I want to record right here something I tried to propose to city government.  I was blown off, like lint.  The idea was that I develop a podcast, and in so doing develop an advertising venue to promote and sell the products made through a jobs getting initiative.

 I'd like to develop a low budget news and information service, mostly conducting recorded interviews with people, any background, but I would seek out natural story tellers to be guests on a show I am tentatively calling "THE NOT-TOO-SOCIAL HOUR."    More about this in the near future.  I'm making short video projects, posted on so far, but hope to build the show up to something about an hour or so long.    For now I can conduct one on one interviews, using a voice recorder and two tiny microphones. It's micky mouse, but can work.   Too, I'm collecting audio and recording equipment, as the budget permits.

Stand by.  Look for some new short video projects here, and a show, a real, profession sounding internet show, a podcast, before the cows come home.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of destroying my worst guitar, by throwing knives at it till it croaks.  It's still kicking, in a sense, so the show goes on.   Look below for two video clips I made, so far, and look for more videos of the Guit Smash, here, in the future.

Social Flora

the crabs and turtles are rich
clams rocket up high net worth
in their posh gated clam beds painted exotic hues
influx through ecru ducts beyond wholesome
nerve center lobes sparkle
antenae pole out wiggling the gleeful electromagnetic advantages
free radicals on a half shell
free fun lucrative jobs
membership for life
in silt

Day Three of the Week Long Guit Smash

Wiki, wiki, wiki, dear readers!   There is performance art in progress here at Chez Reisner.   I am video recording the destruction of my worst guitar.  This is a protracted ritualistic production, happening over a week, and a real acoustic guitar is being broken to splinters, gradually, as I demonstrate my knife throwing techniques and show off my extensive collection of knives.  A knife collection can be wonderful, and mine is.  I knew the first time I saw a professional knife throwing act that I was supposed to be a professional knife thrower.

And, the meaning of this, you ask?   Why this?  The Guit Smash.  In my humble living room.  Wiki, wiki.  I hope to improve as a guitar player, and wish to destroy my worst guitar so to better my chances.  Too, the object of destruction was damaged last year in a freak drinking accident, and is not worth having repaired.  Thus, it is giving itself up for the arts.  It's last act is to teach and to entertain.

So far, I learned that it is easier to stick the knives into the front of the guitar than the back.  It's back is made of hard mahogony wood, and is arched outward, to give it much greater resistance to stabbing.   So if you wish to destroy one, you should attack from the front.  Conversely, it helps to be resistant to back stabbing.  I am reminded of all the rumor mongering and trash talking that happens everywhere, most often in some crappy office downtown, where all people do is stab each other in the back, with words.  The Guit Smash is a ritual geared to liberate the human element from social repression.   So groove.  Wiki, wiki.  Groove.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Working on another knife throwing demo...