Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me and Noodles (a cat comic series)


New Video (link) and Copraphragra (humor)

Ever since the time when I used to watch Dr. Kildare and, eventually, Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D., I felt that I should be entitled to a really ripping relationship with my general practitioner. It's been a long time since that dream was instilled, and as still more line ran out from the reel, managed health care placed limits of time and possibility with which to be part of the medical world village. But that is no reason to let the medical establishment be a bully.

There is a new medication for a nervous rash that I get. The commercial for it shows how to discuss the rash with a primary care person, and I sent for the free DVD that shows all the steps to getting the pills I need.

So naturally I am disappointed about what happened. I described to my physician how I have been getting lesions like a baboons bum. "I am not allowed to prescribe for you Copraphagra. It's not for you. You have liver problems." He says to me, like he wasn't on my team.

I deserved that. That's really fair. I have the least infectious, least pernicious type of hepatitis, and my doctor won't let me take Copraphagra. I also have a problem that would respond perfectly to the new medication.

Dr. Vadawalla reminded me of a debate coach I had in high school, laying out the opposing strategy: the liver could go kerfluey, blood pressure, stones and tsunami of diarrhea could happen. "You don't have to use medication every time you become upset," he said, like the 'impact statements' that twelth grade pedant used to make us trot out in our forensic tournaments.

I had an impact statement of my own for Dr. Vadawalla. "I haven't been able to meditate for over two weeks. Two weeks. And a truly great man, from the very same part of India you come from, says that if you are unable to meditate, you need professional help. I told you weeks ago that I was having this problem, and now I am breaking out in a skin rash. You are a professional. I am asking you for help."


Sodomy and good cheer.  Gimmicks.  Desperate attempts at achieving scant-earned, shiftless, narissistic fame.What kind of rusticated jerkwater Apalachian Sin City are people tring to run?

All right, it's all good clean healthy marketing, research and development, and the entertainment industry being nursed on this blog like a faun sucking doe teats.

Here's the new look:  The Pink Wig


Friday, February 22, 2013

He's still peddling his project: The Person In The Blue Wig

Still refining an internet persona, with a blue wig on.

............and a flash fiction piece......

Barbara Banal, Security Operative

Last meeting with the boss I got yelled at again about my weight. I'm five nothing, 180, and the bitch says I have to gain another thirty pounds to be more nearly 'invisible.' Crisake, I got a job in the back office at a realty firm on McKnight Road and get my hair done by a fag at the Ross Park Mall. I'm invisible, for fuck sake. As covers go, it's better than Marvel Comics. But no, all the up close wet work I did on the West Coast doesn't mean shit. I have to choose make-up that accentuates acne scars and makes olive skin look purplish.

The Big Boss says I'm not working 110%. I told her there's no such thing, and she said there is if she and the rest of B.I.T.C.H. says there is. You would think this was all for the Pink Thunderbird at Mary Kay, and not an anti-terror unit. Sure, my feeling get hurt.

Working in Pittsburgh. How fucking intriqueing. I'm telling people about the Christmas big blow out sales and about how to clip coupons and about how much I love shopping along the Miracle Mile. There are W.O.G.s and illegal aliens working at the sun glass booth, and some of them work for Al Queda. Their cover stories are a lot like mine. There should be some sort of unifying theory that would make us all best friends. As it is I have to use my collection of guns, baseball bats, dime store toad-stickers and mail order stun guns so the jobs look like hate crimes done by white trash or drug deals gone sour by young African Americans. For Uncle Sam. Yeah, a woman has feelings.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Return of The Person In The Blue Wig

Here are more links, the one above in The Person in the Blue Wig, and below, my avante-quarde knife throwing demo of last week.

It's a fucking wierd video clip.  Total experiment, learning to operate video editing programs, and I overdubbed a voice recording, at random, over the video clips, which where strung together, like beads, using Windows Movie Make software.


Friday, February 8, 2013

The Person in the Blue Wig

All glories expended if the link below takes you nearer enlightenment, dear free thinker!

The undertaking is political, theatrical, histrionic, and at worst, pompous.  But ask one thing:  Is there really a better way to convince people there are moral imperatives?

I will be posting a series of video clips, featuring my new alter-ego, The Person In The Blue Wig.