Thursday, June 6, 2013

Next Unsolicited Policy Statement: Dispositon of Real Estate

Shitsky, is it not the disposition of real estate that is the lynch pin to the liberation of American lower social castes? Is it fishy that the real estate melt down of 2008 didn't result in better public policy on the cost of real estate, especially in relation to median income? Jeesus tits, didn't the fed play innocent possum the whole time that the cost of property went through the roof, and everyone's take home pay declined like a motherfucker? That was a fat, long stretch of decades, during which the rich got way, way richer, while most others took a Georgia pine up the keester.

Sometimes you gotta redefine what is already known, such as the fact that the American wee folk are in a ridiculously weak position against the will of government and the Plutocracy. But you ask me, "Bruce, Bruce, er, aaah, can't people just vote their way out of the black hole, or maybe everyone could just write to their comgresspersons, and then they wouldn't all be hopeless, powerless peons? Can't be like that?"

No. People have to either have a stable honest government more or less permanantly, or else groove on having scant free will or recourse against persecution. If you can't pay a fat chunk into campaign funds, or just pay bribes, no politician will soil his/her mitts with your hopes and wants. People saddled with debt from property are all the more in the mulch.

The reason for the spiel about property is that everyone has to live somewhere, and if overburdened by the cost of living space, either bought or rented, not only is the victim stressed in mind, he/she is made a political cripple. With no way of asserting his/her  will on the governments that are supposed to be working on behalf of them. So I'm being a big blow hard about public policy regarding the disposition of land. More people should similarly be a blow hard.