Saturday, November 26, 2016

Straight Men Dig Good Interior Design, Too, You Crass, Insensitive Sissies!

Imagine a dystopian community, albeit a puny one, here, where reasonably healthy heterosexual men waste nights pining  to carry on just the wee-est business in the humanities.  Straight men write poems, too, bastards.  I'm really getting J.O.ed with the local gay no fraternizing policy Pittsburgh has, and has had, quietly, since Stonewall.  Sure, bastards, all artists, writers and musicians are LBGT.  Breeders claiming different are dim witted second class citizens.   From an ancient Meditaranian folk maxim, " for children a woman, for pleasure a six foot eight basketball hunk."   I know how you bastards are.   Imagine one lousy fucking little thing:  Straight men do good interior design, too, bastards.

I can mail order life size cardboard stand up figures of Liza Minelli and Jerry Lewis.   I'll let you borrow my Judy Garland records.   I Like New York In June, too, queers  Stop persecuting heterosexual men.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Flash Fiction: This is a silly, frivolous piece of very short fiction.

Oogie Raga, Dear Comrades!
Oogie Raga! Oogie Raga is the greeting and the affirmation. It is the sound. Not a word. Sound. First made whole by disco music, later refined to fucking near perfection through hip hop. Oogie Raga is the unifying sound, the only one. Oogie Raga!

Oogie Raga, last week I was in a meeting with a department head, a Dr. Ralf Barfing Vomitus, Ph.d, not a physician, an academic, but a better person than some stupid asshole commoner. Let's face it, people come in degrees. I can allow up to 270 degrees of total circumference to a person who has attained a Ph.d. Unless it's in public ed, phys ed, or other non-subject. I always go full circle for the true elite, but that's one percent of the population, and even I don't often get a whiff of their expensive perfume and caviar more often than four times per century. Dr. Vomitus has middling intelligence, for a person in the poly-sci department. I had to talk to Vomitas about one of the guys. About this asshole in my graduate studies program. The guy is a total POS.

Fucking Steve Kowalski. His thesis is coming along just awful, but that's not why I had to bring the matter to Ralf's attention. I think he and I are on a first name basis. He's one of those bastards who tells you to use his first name, like he didn't have to sell his sister to a cartel to pay for his Ph.D. Steve Kowalski's work is pure cancer. Total soup bowl of ricin. It's bochulism. My group has been making some real progress in anti-method theory, and Steve's garbage has an annoying effect on most of it. On everyone. We all hate fucking Steve. So, oogie raga, I went to Ralf's dank little office on my little two feet and filled him in on what a fucking creep Steve is. Oogie raga. It's all good.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Brand New Song ...under my pen name....Bat Robbins

I'm a bitter pill. Swallow me. It will help. Like they said about the Kool Aid.

Moments ago, I was sitting back in my giant furry brown Barcalounger, patting myself on the ass over my good work in the area of acquisitions.   For a person who earns diddly, and is, by cruel tarring of demographics, one fucking small operator, I have a very nice collection of imported guitars, bought off the internet, good quality at the lowest price anywhere.  The stainless steel jewelry I have been stocking up on is probably worth more than I've been paying for, and if so, a dainty free market economic model could be cited, like a cub scout doing some old bat 'a solid' like helping her cross the street.   Electronic periferals such as digital cameras and computer accessories, all dirt cheap from venerable made my facebook posts a luke warm roaring success.

It is possible to create a small business by collecting goods, and selling them to people.  To people who dig what you are up to.   People who like the cut of your jib.  And who share a wholesome interest in the same things you do.  Baring perverts who are into dildos and other filthy sex appliances.  I don't talk to those kinds of people.

Galloping like Randolf Scott to point, now that Donald is in, it's opportune to discuss free market methods.  All sorts.  In the free thinking mode.  I'm not protesting anything. I'm encouraging productivity.  Our best hopes are all material in nature.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Driveling Thoughts on the Election

This post, or most of it, is probably a load of ill-informed puckey, but Trump's electoral victory might be a case of super high level payback for the Democrats abuse of super-delegates favoring Hillary during the primary election.   If her 'big pals' can corrupt the primary vote her favor, opposing big wigs may as well corrupt the election proper in favor of The Donald.

This is not a case of cheating for a good cause.  It's all cash flow, or the hope of it, based on which candidate pulls which strings on behalf of whom.  By outward appearances, Hillary may have been seen as the cash flow candidate for publicly funded business, while Trump is the free market candidate.  If there is any substance to this perception, and I can't feel certain that there is, a flow of cash to private business may be for the best.  Not that I expect it to happen, but it's past time for corporate downsizing of greedy and abusive nonprofit agencies such as UPMC.  The private sector faced years of downsizing throughout the 80s and 90s.  Time to take the pubic sector to task.  It's a cesspool of incompetence and public corruption, at public expense.

Free market methods are a mouthful.  Relatively few of them can be put into practice,even where they are wanted.  The cost of doing business is too high for the small entrepreneur to make a profit.  Start up capital is doled out on a partisan 'among friends basis,' with the age old back room deal.  Too, public money is doled out per interest group, with men in my circumstances pushed far out of the game.  I plan to continue pushing an agenda to change the way public money is distributed.  Low earning non-minority men may be one of the reason's for Trump's dubious popularity.  Please consider supporting this agenda to include non-minority men in initiatives currently favoring women and minorities.  My experience with progressive politics is this:  it's as discriminatory as anything else, the only matter is 'who is being discriminated against.'  Namely, people deprived of advocacy, people who can't afford a lawyer,  people demonized for being a heterosexual male, people not recognized by liberals and progressives and being worthy of their support.    I am seeking fair and equal access to business capital.  Maybe this election is the clarion call.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Latest installment of my youtube show, The Not-Too-Social Hour

At Peace With Who-The-Fuck-Knows

Dear Donald Trump has been saying he's going to bring the steel industry back to the US, presumably to Pittsburgh, and elsewhere, maybe Flint Michigan or the jolly old land of Oz.  It seems to some people like a generic great white hope for Uncle Sam.  Minus the steel biz, the 'Burgh has become a ward of the Greater US, it has become a banana republic, and a travesty of social economics.  It's a developing third world, with new construction and an old looming downfall.  The new Pittsburgh has a few more years to bask in its newness before a succession of money melt downs turns it back into forty square miles of ghetto.  In the mean time, there are lots of lovely little things and liberties to enjoy.  Best:  staying home and shopping online.

Shopping has never been all that great in the 'Burgh.  That's why I so dearly love  The stainless steel coming from China has been improving steadily.  The aesthetics of it all can be wonderful.  I've been collecting stainless steel jewelry.  Costume jewelry has never been better, thanks to the US giving over its industries to China.  Other fashion items, synthetics especially, have never been cheaper, and by mail order one doesn't have to talk to a dork in a shopping mall to obtain said garment.  As of the last passing second, everything has been coming up roses.

All that, politics, economics, socialization can take a long, heartfelt flying fuck.  It's frivolous.  While the world gets more and more hinky.  Here's a poem I wrote, recited, arranged and recorded.  It's called 'Dark Side.'