Friday, June 29, 2018

Offensive Little Fables

There lived, hundreds of eons ago, or more recently, fuck it all, a short-lived gathering of Native Americans.  The Cunnilinguas were mostly gay squaws, wisely they had a low opinion of braves, and the squaws would be fucked if they were going to let men get ahead of them, technologically speaking.   These women  knew from day one that male social structures lead to nukes and groping incidents at the office.  They weren't having it.  Why build computers when you can grow and squish corn?

Naturally, it took a while for this enclave to go into decline.  Braves were failing to mate with women, after a few centuries of vicious allegations.  It was like what happened to Harvey Weinstein. And the bastards deserved it.  Just for being born.  Men are rotten snakes, and I agree, women should hate their guts.  But the tribe has been extincted for a fuck of a long while now, and I got that first hand from a fellow I picked up hitchhiking. 

This sociable outpouring of bullshit leads us all to modern reproduction.  There's no need to marry.  Monogamy lowers your chances of producing a maverick.  Why risk striking out?  Then we visit the other side of the rainbow.  There's no need to even bother fucking when you have modern scientific insemination.  Perfect, smart, tall, handsome and employable men sell their sperm to sperm banks.  You can buy yourself a frozen tube of gorgeous genius jizz at fair market prices, and make like Thanksgiving with the turkey baster.  This method can't fail to produce people who are completely fab.  No assholes, no shit heads.  I may be idealistic, but there are shiny bullet points for either approach to eugenics, the polygamous law of averages, and the more pinpointed artificial insemination technique.  It's all good.  I think everyone can relax about the future.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018