Friday, July 13, 2018

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The Pedestrians

that was how to fail
as if someone wrote a curriculum
we were fed bum steers like that in grade school
try teaching a bat to do something different
I had to compact myself repeatedly
we are aerosol cheese
you have to squat down hard to materialize
the crap about upward mobility produced silverfish crackers
weighing in proudly
with hairy legs

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

There's a few gems in the compost

Why do I have to explain this shit, like an asshole?   I'm not being a toady.   45 may be applying good managerial science to world politics.   

People are fulminating already.  It's so vitriolic.  I was reading a Washington Post article, and this time they managed to accidentally credit the Dude with novel methods.  The use of cash flow and services to manage EU leadership is reasonable, even if objectionable.  The use of deterrence and incentives  might deserve a blue star here and there on some dental hygiene report in the heavens.  Jack-booting Scott Fucking Pruitt was a nice thing to do.  No one in my preserves are claiming Trump is a far out groovy environmental savior.   The planet, largely our treat, has been awash in toxic waste since decades prior to Trump, Pruitt and Godzilla.  Trump took action in response to public hatred towards Pruitt.  This space monkey wishes to extend a few ripe bananas in advance of the cosmic hope chest.  And of course, lots of individuals may be correct in hating Trump's styling gel plastered coif.  Let's not be rotten towards each other.  I'm a friendly, sociable motherfucker. 

Do I have to sing "Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries?"  Everything is grand.   45  is a fucker, yet there is reason to adopt a passive mind set towards this globalized studio wrestling extravaganza.  It may take a fuck of a long time to iron out all the effects the tariffs are likely to have.   Jobs may be gained/lost hither/tither.   Beware of asshole economic indicators.  Don't listen to Paul Krugman.  This cowboy is anticipating some form of formalized downsizing trend aimed at reducing the scale of federal government.  Rodeo clowns are all singing out loud that this may be part and parcel to Steve 'Sloppy Steve'  Bannon's strategy.  An other aspect of the strategy is to motivate a trend in private cash investment in domestic manufacturing concerns.  If that pops out of Lake Michigan like Moby Fucking Dick, it may mean a new direction in retail.   It's the type of hash free market mavens will sling.

And this is just a load of talk.   Cornelius Vanderbuilt's father called him a 'blatherskite' when he was knee high to a lady bug, and it may have had a painful effect on the lad.  Maybe I'm a blatherskite, too.  Maybe this is a load of garbage.  I'm proud of it.  Burp.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Butthole Political Essay

To make my point, I must relay a hilarious anecdote that Richard Speck,  the late  blond Flower Power era mass-killer, told  while a rose cheeked older prison inmate.   Adipose and matronly, extra-naturally bathyculpian, the Richard-meister shared the time, as an early adolescent, he was expelled from his church. 

Subdued southern Baptists, each week the minister would select a member of the congregation and ask what three hymns he/she would like the choir to perform.  The Sunday it was Speck's turn, he pointed to hot looking males in the choir as he said, "I want him, and him, and him."   No doubt a homophobic denomination of crackers, it was his last Sunday with law abiding normal folk.  Years later he raped and murdered nurses.  His was a long road through gender dysmorphia, with a mighty train of draft horses.   I'd like to biff-bang cognition towards the subject of social norms.

Immutable fuckers they usually are.   With subsidized pockets of slack.  Usually a bitch, you cross the line in the sand, you get fucked in the ass, in the manner proscribed by community fucking standards.  You may be shunned, ridiculed, jailed, tortured, or killed while some church denomination sues for your fast track to Hell.  What does it take for someone to  fuck a norm and net a personal misery for payback?  Diddly fucking little, let me tell you.

My favorite quote, "foolish inconsistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  If you really want to work your mental abs, this may explain why Trump is president, also, why, this time around, it's a reason to sustain the electoral college.   Most often, though, it is why shit-heads in the office downtown  object to what you choose to wear one day.   It's not the federal government that pees on your right to free expression, it's stupid commoners, anywhere, that suppress free speech.  Hang out in a dive bar to witness this divination.  Talk out of line.  Get slugged.   But I digress.

 The human condition for the past two years has been one of combative intrusion and contention.  It's a pissing contest among contestants, all trying to be the angriest.  The problem of people violating cultural norms has  escalated a fat shit-load.  People are manufacturing the norms they attack people for violating.  There are both new and old stigmas to strike individuals with.  Per ideal, imagine a pedophile who  issues microaggressions towards adult women.  Imagine how badly such as prick should be hated.  Anyone can incur comparable contempt, quicker than snot in February, via the internet.   All you have to do is deny that Trump sucks horse cocks. 
Richard Speck worked hard to get where he wound up.   And now, ladies and gents, all you have to do to be shunned is support a rightist philosophy or political agenda.  You can't be conservative without people hurling their pitchforks and horse apples at you, both hands, the whole family jeering at you.  Hard times, these days.  Fucking bitch.  Free speech.  Free expression.   Responsibility sufficient to keep the planet from going completely fucking ape.  We can achieve this shit.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Offensive Little Fables

There lived, hundreds of eons ago, or more recently, fuck it all, a short-lived gathering of Native Americans.  The Cunnilinguas were mostly gay squaws, wisely they had a low opinion of braves, and the squaws would be fucked if they were going to let men get ahead of them, technologically speaking.   These women  knew from day one that male social structures lead to nukes and groping incidents at the office.  They weren't having it.  Why build computers when you can grow and squish corn?

Naturally, it took a while for this enclave to go into decline.  Braves were failing to mate with women, after a few centuries of vicious allegations.  It was like what happened to Harvey Weinstein. And the bastards deserved it.  Just for being born.  Men are rotten snakes, and I agree, women should hate their guts.  But the tribe has been extincted for a fuck of a long while now, and I got that first hand from a fellow I picked up hitchhiking. 

This sociable outpouring of bullshit leads us all to modern reproduction.  There's no need to marry.  Monogamy lowers your chances of producing a maverick.  Why risk striking out?  Then we visit the other side of the rainbow.  There's no need to even bother fucking when you have modern scientific insemination.  Perfect, smart, tall, handsome and employable men sell their sperm to sperm banks.  You can buy yourself a frozen tube of gorgeous genius jizz at fair market prices, and make like Thanksgiving with the turkey baster.  This method can't fail to produce people who are completely fab.  No assholes, no shit heads.  I may be idealistic, but there are shiny bullet points for either approach to eugenics, the polygamous law of averages, and the more pinpointed artificial insemination technique.  It's all good.  I think everyone can relax about the future.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Date With Gina

Equality is a many splendored ideal.   It has a nice ring to it, as might the  Liberty Bell.  The bell, last I heard, has one big crack in it.  Egalitarianism has a shitload of smaller ones.

  Among cracked liberties, equality is sometimes seen as equal status granted people who are incompetent, to the annoyance of people who  know what they're doing and can find their ass in the dark.  At least in the area of invention, few people are equal to Edison or Tesla.  Both Prince and Hendrix played guitar a great deal better than I do.  What if Jonas Salk's vaccine had been passed over for reasons of affirmative action? 

Forced equality can have a stunting effect on progress.   Great leaders aren't selected like cans of Campbell's soup.  Equality means equally dim.   People, through their rosy hipster glasses, may view it as a good thing that opportunities are granted to poor hopeful jerks.   And it can, in a whole other frame, mean that men and women are  about equally perverse and despicable.  I'm dreaming of Gina Haspel.

She's probably the new head of the C.I.A., soon enough the lass will get a bouquet of roses,  a gold diamond studded cattle prod, and a tiara.  Here she comes walking the runway, blowing kisses to tyrants and sadists everywhere.  Wealthy, infuriating ones.  She has a face like any of many black widows on Forensic Files.  If she wasn't committed to a lucrative, fulfilling career in 'rendering,' torture, mind fucking and Christ knows what fucking else, she would  be poisoning her eighth or ninth spouse by now to collect the insurance.  She's a creep.  A sadist.  Men are known to be sadistic criminal scumbags.  Lesser known, yet painfully true, women can be filthy perverts, too.  I wish that didn't rhyme. 

It's been policy here for the last I don't know how long to not get too fucking upset about all the disturbing political crap that is going on.  I'm not.   It helps, in a pestilential little way, to know that men and women have achieved equal status.  Equally dreadful. I want to air my theory that Gina was appointed expressly to scare the living shit out of potential terrorists.  Trump made a televised speech insisting that, contrary to popular humanism, torture works great for getting info and or squelching enemy activities.  Who the fuck knows, our new CIA personage may scare school kids out of doing their little mass homicides.  The new appointment may even be a first step to dismantling the spy organization.   She's a scorpion.   She might kill all her bunk mates.  This whole fucking thing might be fun.  But on the return trip to reason, this is some scary shit.   She's a sadist.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Blog Feature: A Little Common Sense With Bruce

I've given the matter a lot of thought, and I have the solution to gun violence in public schools.  As many  manic Appalachian folk have shared with me,  the truth is so simple no one thought of it before.  Sports.   The javelin.   An often under-rated field sport.  When was the last time you got horny over a really stacked javelin thrower?   That's so wrong.   Javelin throwing is a graceful sport, and for some reason I feel as though it is the activity of the hour.  The epidemic of school shootings.

 A lot of inner city schools don't even have track and field sports.  They're not insured against human imperfection.  So troubling.  I propose public schools everywhere revitalize the sport, and stock all class rooms, like trout in a cement pond, with javelins which can be thrown at school shooters.  Some nut case comes in the room with an AK, everyone grabs a spear and goes to work.  Hall monitors could get in formation and say, "Halt, who goes there."  This could really raise a lot of positive school spirit.

Shooters can  be teamed up on by school kids wielding modified sports harpoons in a spectrum of bright candy colors, much like those lovely rifles athletes shoot during winter Olympics skiing rituals.  Kids can be encouraged to charge in like Zulus and spear the assailant to death.  And holy jeepers, nothing works better than a common ordinary stick when you need to disarm an asshole with a gun or knife.   The SOBs have been known to work wonders.   Bashing people over the head with sticks has been carried off successfully many times, many places.   It makes me gag the way people are immune to the obvious.  

And never forget, football is a military sport.   That's all for A Little Common Sense With Bruce.