Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Links and embedded youtube articles for discussion:

Reaching elbow far into the Great Primordial Poo, over my meager monthly limit for free news articles in sixteen online news rags, please watch/read the embedded news video, then use the link  below to read some jizz printed in the Washington Post.

There's some disturbing state's rights shit omitted from discussion.  Only the Fed can print money.  Poor shitty Pennsylvania can't solve it's many financial Scyllas and Charybdises by counterfeiting, sensible a move as that would be.  Also, states should legalize all pleasure drugs, for the tax dough.  The flap about repealing the Obamacare isn't being resolved to any good effect so far, and it remains my opinion the Fed should print the money needed to fund single payer health care, charge the public a graduated tax, and, conversely, force states to reduce public expenditure, also force states to earn money, such as by growing and selling weed.  Trumps dilly-dallying methodologies could be some spare change in the larger cannon of free market economics.  In theory, each state is responsible for public health care management.  The Fed should be funding an efficient system, and isn't.  What's a big guy supposed to do, huh?

Here's some meat:  To be better free market personage, we have to be better socialists, first. Socialized medicine in necessary to enable growth and earnings in the private sector.  The burden of health care should be removed from employers. It's none of their fucking business, and if the Fed operated a national health care service, single payer, entrepreneurs would be a greater liberty.  As theory goes, jobs are created, taxes paid, less poverty/squalor.  So we fucking hope.

I'm not a dear friend of the White House.  I'm trying to be as disinterested, as possible, in politics.

Meanwhile, partisan news media is being an asshole, collectively.  All politicians are equally glib about the poor outcomes they all tread water in.   Everyone swims in a murky lake filled with uncertainty.  And one's swim togs have to look presentable.  We all have to talk like we know where we left our ass, when we don't.  Sometimes people open their hymnals and engage in a church tune.

The link below will schlong your attention to a heavily biased news article in Washington Post.  The media appears devoid of any constructive input.   It's a world of doltish propaganda.

Monday, July 17, 2017

End the War On Drugs While There are Still Names Left For Drugs Used To Treat Addiction

Never mind the misery, crime and mass incarceration, we need to end the war on drugs because big pharma is running out of names for its opioids and addiction treatment meds.  There's Narcan, the shit that stops people from croaking from too much skag.  Suboxone is used to manage the jonesing  and other withdrawl  symptoms common to drug addicts.

I was riding the bus when I saw a poster advertising a paid clinical drug trial for people addicted to opioids.  Have you tried Bunavail?  I haven't.  It's really a medication, and it's name is really 'Bunavail,' like a compound word for a  drug-addicted prostitute of either gender.  It sounds like it's given to people who sell their ass for a fix.  Maybe patients have to take it up the ass to receive Bunavail.  I think modern medicine is run by horny doctors.  People have to avail their buns or no more oxycontin.   Buprenorphine for you?  Bend over, Champ.

Anything that cuts the cost of medical care is fine.   If you need any kind of medical care at all, just let your care professionals fuck you up the ass.  Small price to pay for health care.  Insurance doesn't pay for it, just let the doctor have his fun with you.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Article in the Washington Post says Louisiana is getting radical in a good way.

In a desperate and possibly purposeful attempt to increase readership, I'm adding links to mainstream news articles to my digital media tent show. The link.... look downward, angels...takes you  to a dilly of an attempt to reduce the cost of medical care.   But first, a plain burlap sack of ideas.

 Single payer, run the the Fed, would be the best option of all.   But it isn't happening, so there are wee tinier options.  Tort liability crap could undergo a healthy downsizing.   Maybe the slip and fall business should be fed to hungry pigs, like in a horror flick.

I think the Fed should go nuts with a swinging new wave in anti-trust action against both insurers and providers so to force free market competition.  

Certain regulatory agencies could be given the old heave-ho in favor of community clinics that provide affordable medical service.  The free world could re-introduce private practices, complete with wrinkled, chuffing cigar smoking general practitioners.  With a nurse in starched white linen.  In the mean time, folks in Louisiana are demanding that the Fed sit its fat ass down on the cost of medicine.  By George, I think they may be on to something.

This article is encouraging.  More people should demand the government force the price of medicine down.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

poem: A Hard Spirit

seeking grace on a spine on a cactus
a shrike put me here and I am animated
alive as a thousand legger
crudely hairy as the silverfish
my books spindled chock-a-block up the cactus shaft
vinyl fashion garments on this coat rack
a collection of hats on the arms of the agave
alive and watching approaching dune buggies
the family approaching