Sunday, June 25, 2017

Free Market Economics blithering...belching up thoughts

Damn straight Milton Friedman was a peach of a free market economist, and I'm preaching the gospel of his mostly unworkable yet purposeful philosophy.  I'm also pitching my own philosophy, which is heavily spiked with Milton's intoxicating contributions to the law of supply and demand.

Milton earned his place in socio/political discourse (a dark, dusty corner) by connecting the rudiments of supply and demand to the supposed Constitutional freedoms.   At the top of my list of relevant thoughts here, Friedman argued that free speech was  protected to allow individuals to conduct business and protect private property.  The right to privacy pertained to proprietary information.   At the time the Constitution was written, the fuzz could enter your house without a warrant.  Constitutional privacy didn't pertain to cops enforcing the law.  It protected farmers and business owners from oppression and piracy by government or others.  Friedman discussed the principle of independence as being independent of government.  Most important, Milton was all about the simple fact that people are  responsive to money and to assets of all kinds.   People may cite ideals all they want, when the blue light special goes on at Kmart, shoppers buy crap in response to the price of goods.  

Returning to a philosophy kind to independence, free market economists, or libertarians, if I may take liberty here, tend to believe that an individual's ability and freedom to earn through production of goods and services enables him/her to live independent of government.  Conversely, socialists believe the government controls production and distribution,  and, supposedly, through dreadfully rose glasses, comrades (peons) enjoy freedom from capitalist exploitation.   Libertarians regard that socialist model as 'slavery.'   While socialists refer to workers in the free market economy as 'slaves.'  This may raise an outside thought, 'does the Constitution really guarantee us (peons) freedom, as in 'free society?'  

Libertarians lean toward a philosophy of financial strength, and of bargaining position.  While we all enjoy constitutional free speech, the dude with the fatter attorney will probably win the case.  People may be, supposedly, equal under the law, but bargaining positions are relative to wealth, status and access to resources.   People on welfare are limited in life to what the government affords them, and they must cooperate with the government to receive benefits.   A business owner can sell anything he is able to procure, profit from so doing, and use the proceeds to fly his fat ass to the moon.  Few welfare recipients can afford to join the fat fuck. Burp.  I sick of talking.  I will think up more shit on this subject.  Look for it here. 


Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm a writer, too, you swine

I wish I was a lesbian.  If, and then, I'd partner up with significant others, write about experiences, and  share it with my women's writing group. 

I'm a guy, and there aren't any men's writing groups.  The only thing secondary to a women's studies program is both genders (both and more) simpering and bickering in a mixed writer's workshop.  As the plot worsens, I'm hetero.   

Gay men also don't care if I jump off the Tenth Street Bridge.   I could write about how the Pittsburgh gay community is doing a bang up job of squeezing people like me out of the big picture.  A pervasive no-fraternizing policy is clearly in place.   For those of us who call ourselves 'poets,' it's like dealing with a hostile and discriminatory environment, as defined in affirmative action guidelines.

There are some activists on the political right barking, on the Web, of 'white genocide.'   Icky, I shall concur, but it's not completely BS.  There are agendas at large to harm male milk-heads.  Sounds crazy.  So does bipolar illness.   It exists and it's pernicious.  There is a formal agenda, at large, to establish the importance of women writers, and I sure as fuck don't begrudge this.  Wish they would share the glory.   They think all white (and off-white) men are assholes.    Many are.  But consider the lily-white politically correct horse-whispering types who are supportive of feminist goals.  Try not to fuck us good guys over. 

 I don't wish to repeal  the feminist-gained  right to vote.  Some honky breeder stud-cakes  actually want to engage in positive social interaction, also business relationships, among people of all preferences and genders, all six or eight of them, now that 'transgender' means polymorphous more so than yesteryear.  There is advocacy for people who used to be men.  It would be real sweet if there was advocacy for guys who still are.  Poets.  In a hostile shit-storm of gender politics. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fucking Sage Bullshit

Branding and the American Identity Crisis

Fuck, fuck, fuck, you've heard of it in one dialect or other.  The Identity Movement. 

I'm not one of those stupid fascist pricks who demand recognition as Ubermensch.  I'm humble and generic.  Unlike me:  There are white supremicist groups like the KKK, Nazis of all genre, Daughters of the American Revolution, and white trash everywhere, and all may agree they are entitled to and have been fucked out of an identity.  I'm not into that shit, and I'm not pro-Trump, so don't bust a zit over party affiliation. I am sharing an idea.  Maria Fucking Montessori her fucking self would have smiled at this  wee act of self expression.  I have a motherfucking little thought.

I'm in pale-faced, anemic sympathy with a view that affirmative action has marginalized low earning non minority men.   Political agendas such as feminism has come at the cost of men who didn't beat their wife.   Agendas favoring minority groups has had a toxic effect on people who are excluded from them. Again, Trump and his pals can go play in the traffic, but Trump's concept of branding may provide individuals a substitute for the sense of self that social politics has destroyed.  Don't be a white supremecist.  Be a name brand on the goods and services you provide in a free market economy.

  Sure, it's like saying, "I'm not a man, I'm an Amana freezer."  But it's more like saying, "I'm Bruce Fucking Reisner and my identity is in the brand of shit I produce.  I'm cool, my widgets and services are cool.   When you buy a Reisner widget, you help cement my identity.  All five foot ten, one hundred forty pounds of it.   An American is their brand of stuff.  We are what we do.  How we became Americans, is, at this point, not worth sweating.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Modern Mythologies

Fuck Odysseus.   Fuck the rest of Greek and Roman mythology, too.   Old.   Trite.  How the fuck are people supposed to relate to ancient garbage, when shit none of it currently resides with us in our condos and homeless shelters?   I'm a modernizing ass motherfucker, and I aims to update myth.

 Like the myth of the horse whisperer.  It was the title of a popular book, but, worse, it's  become a meme for people who are more sensitive and intuitive than ordinary boors and slaves.  As the name implies, horses feel better about themselves and are more cooperative when the limpid, pulchritudinous  horse whisperer whispers to it his/her intuitive genius for making horses feel good inside.  Exactly what the bastards say to the horses is private, hence whispering, but it must be something fucking prophetic on the part of that horse-whispering POS.  Great for horses, I suppose, not calculating any hardship this poses for people who don't have extra-normal  relationships with animals.   It makes it seem like the general run of cowboys are a bunch of stupid, rotten pricks.

I don't hate horse whisperers, I am dismayed that people are responsive to this stupidity.   There is always demand, in society, for people with special talents, like sword swallowing or yodeling.  Please, though, don't bother convincing me it makes greater sense to swallow swords or yodel than it does to get drunk and then laid. 

 So far, I never met a horse whisperer I would care to keep as a friend.  You can't walk into a bar with one without some asshole reminding you that your friend talks to horses, and you don't.  I don't even have a fucking horse!