Friday, December 29, 2017

Teaser. Some thing new on the way.

Great news, all, I'm using a brand new imitation game show host name.    I'm  Donk Bronfman, and I will be hosting a youtube sham, using two camcorders.  

 One contestant at a time.  In a sequence, structure.    I'm not a trog.   Everyone is competing for a plaque.   For a twist, the camera is on another person, probably me, others, too, while who ever is talking does it directly into the back of a camcorder.   It's the cheapest way to do it, save the six dollar ebay webcam, which gives you worse resolution.  People have pulled this sort of thing.   Worse bastards than here.   

It's psychodrama format. Simple.  I'm the Host.  Donk Bronfman.  Just thought up the name about a hour ago.  Will be making video crap.  You'll hoot.

Actually, I will make some attempted humor videos real soon.  Will be pasting here as fast as can.  Cheers.  I'm elated to be another guy.  I'm Donk.  Plan to get into the role.

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