Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buy My Book: An O.K. Corral of Poems

There, to your left, is a 'buy now' button, and underneath it is your opportunity to support the arts directly, by buying a copy of my book of poems, "An O.K. Corral of Poems."

The title is to suggest that the group of poems is meeting in the lot between two buildings to settle all hash now and forever.

Here's one poem from a very large group of lyric combattants:

Becoming Respectable

back then
the low life went where the hot shots went
the latter group gloated

My pal drove a Pontiac LeManns
faded yellow
with wide black stripes that did not augment its design
may I borrow your Wembly tie


Anonymous said...

On the Le Mans: classic, yes classic. We would drive out of town, me and my parapalegic buddy in his retro-fitted pontiac. Then turn around on a flat prairie road and let the car idle home as we drank beer and yakked. Those were good times. Thanks for the word cinema!

Anonymous said...

ps. CONGRATS! on your new book. You have an ad on cover page.