Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disclaimer, a big hairy one

Before anyone goes ape, I would like to assure everyone near and dear that there is no validity to my ficticious accounts of a fiefdom I call, "Brusistan." My proposed and hoped for comic opera, titled, "The Prince of Brusistan," is a work in progress, while in the mean time themes and variations of urban renewal have been bandied about with some caprice. There is no such city sanctioned renaming or rezoning of the Perryhilltop neighborhood. It's the same fine place it has been for my past decade of residence here. It is with artistic licence that I have been calling this part of town 'Brusistan.' I have been refering to myself, in works of prose, as "the Prince of Brusistan." This, too, bullcrap. But it's art.

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