Sunday, January 15, 2017

Alternative perception is like the sound of breaking glass. No one is comfortable with it.

It's too fucking easy to abhor the electoral college.  Like everyone wishes they had an equal voice in national, global, any fucking where politics.  I used to hate that the popular vote can be over-ridden, the way an errant two year old can have its binky confiscated by an authorized legal guardian,   I used to believe in the rights of the common individual.  Having had dealings with common individuals, though, there is reason to love the electoral college.  Ever notice how the best hunting dogs seem to enjoy obeying their masters?  Kidding.

 One of the reasons for the electoral college is because ordinary people are a danger to their dimwitted selves.   Not that this gets chiseled in too many  cornerstones, the whole concept of a representative democracy implies that dreadfully few individuals can help themselves out of a wet paper bag.  Most elemental, mayhaps one bastard out of Southwestern Pennsylvania  has brains enough to get to Washington and explain there that his/her extended community needs grease and monkey wrenches, to better industrialize.  If each individual in the rust belt was allowed to speak independently, all jillion of the bastards would engage in riots and kill each other.  I'm trying to explain why no one should care who won the last election, or why.

Free market Constitutionalists might yahoo the premise that the yellow rag wasn't supposed to mean everyone was equal.  It was assumed at the time the cultural elites, the founding fathers, were celebrities, like Donald Trump, and common people were assholes.  It's like that now!  The EC protects ignorant share croppers and confused generation Xers equally, by allowing the EC to prevent them from electing, well, the wrong one.  Just in case the popular vote looks like a real bad move, the electoral college can fix  it for us all.  As P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute."  Another sage once said, "No one went broke underestimating American taste."  There are other reasons why it is so necessary to have an electoral college.  Just in case the whole shooting match is rigged.  And the voters are brain damaged alarmist robots.  The election turned out fine.  You should thank the fuckers.

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