Thursday, March 16, 2017

poem: I Love This Motherfucking Slum

how charmingly normal there is broken glass
some old guy's basement dunks like a donut into the rocky hillside
I've discovered an honest clean love for poison ivy
it deserves credit
it grew without asking permission
I check my own reaction to it each year
some are worse than others
but I don't begrudge the rash
you see the slum dog with flair for nasty
never gets poisoned by nightshade
no form of lead toxicity reaches stupid level
we are stainless steel
we own water supplies only a muskrat could find
watch us twirl our flagella
I learned to love the dive below
where the warthogs can't get you
bullfrogs wink
trout size gold fish don't go belly up
ground hogs are remarkably well grounded
mice read the newspaper lining their cage
can't get better

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