Monday, February 20, 2017

A really good poem comes out like a cobra in a basket

Too Good For Most

a firefighter's dalmation bought the business
massive dog coronary
last words were "Arf I'm surprised world affairs are still in dissaray."
then nothing
goes limp
falls over
a fraternal order formed a configuration with their defribulator
a St. Bernard juggled beads and prepared to give last rites
sports fans tore at their jersies
Rin Tin Tin made a cameo
dead stars came trumpeting in
free trip to Atlantic City
the hefty brunt of loss
seemed to be walking through wet cement
I feel the same way about gentrification
the dog dragged burning biddies out
through the duct work in shanties
rescued orphans
bit wife beaters on the leg
dog heaven
no place else for a beast this fucking good

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