Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big Bruce's Poetry Corner

Animal Report

I know that octopus can invert its satchel
it's shy under observation
but you have to see it caviling and hoarding 

I am hardly invading its condo
the sea food thinks it has rights
it went to school
it is in its will to raise joyous clouds of silt
it should try to engage with the seaweed

spaghetti arms have to succumb to coaxing
it's locked in the twelth century and rejects the enlightenment
that's regressive
no big deal 
this stuff escalates
at this phase  fish mull options

there he goes firing ink
no danger of it soiling the news
my papers are safely rolled
the brass coin-operated telescope is locked
I'm vaccinated
cepholopod in mental static weighs narrow options

it says in the book the thing can flip
it's been holding out 
eight arms refusing to play the zither
the octopus won't sing
we get nervous

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