Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Infantilization and the Hissy Fits of Recent History

Recent memory, to a true hearted intellectual fat fuck, should stretch, like Silly Putty, back to at least 1990.   That was when it became popular for grown adults to walk around their techno-marvel work places in Silicon Valley, carrying stuffed animals.   They spoke to one another in a practiced, nurtured hypnotic child-like prattle.   Some of these creeps were writing software with the acumen of classical composers, while acting, outwardly, like it was play time in an exorbitantly plush nursery school.  Their minds were primo, yet they subscribed to a morbidly regressive new age in behavior management.

Somewhere in the bowels of secular humanism there was an intellectual movement that professed a human condition best served by permanent, cradle to grave childhood.   To take the role of an adult is too restrictive, frightening, intimidating and authoritarian to allow individuals to be the loving, endlessly creative bundles of joy people should be, and through distant history, haven't been.  People have been bigoted, jingoistic war mongering sadists and ego maniacs, all propelled by selfishness and greed.  The barbaric, stupid adult majority has been whooping ass on more creative, sensitive child-like  people for centuries, and the wimp ass minority figured out a way to fix the problem.  They learned social science.

The philosophy of permanent childhood was taught to the public through psychotherapy.   Mass media sold it to the public, too, presenting celebrity research head shrinkers like the this years model of the four barrel  Chevy Caprice.    Patients were encouraged to hold a stuffed animal and prattle like a two year old.  Their behavior was molded to eliminate mean ass adult words and phrases, and to replace the old mean, linear, goal oriented  language with a simpering, caviling one that doesn't scare anyone.  Or accomplish anything, because the end result of mass infantilization is that people become helpless pussies, and thus, victims of people who aren't living in an artificially cultivated infantile state.  People have become politically inert.  Infantilation renders people amenable to fairy tales, and thus open to deception.   This is why we have the kind of government we got.  Infantilization makes people foolishly accepting of total bullshit.  Most currently, babies are screaming blue murder over our new Fed Gov while neglecting to fess up it was their failure take the role of responsible adult that allowed politicians to take candy from babies.    We fucking need to grow up.

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