Friday, February 17, 2017

The State of the Cheapness Address

So just how, as a society, fucked are we?  There are a few people out there, won't say who, too goddam incriminating these days to express optimism, that think maybe things, like ' the human fucking condition' isn't so fucking bad.  Maybe people still have it good, but they are too jaded and entitled-to-better to realize everything is grand, wonderful, gorgeous and so fucking near perfection they need only jerk off and roll over in bed to love every last second of time on the planet Earth.

 Some people are being complete assholes about that last presidential election.   The formerly orange and now gray haired President just eased off the cash penalty for not buying the ACA.   You might recall, even if you liked the Affordable Care Act, that it was coersive, and penalized people for not buying into it.  It's a despicable and un-American policy.  Imagine for a sec that maybe Trump will produce a better medical establishment then the  one that screwed the public during the Obama presidency, and during the last few shit-hole presidencies, like the Bush Family Reunion At Our Fucking Expense, and the Clinton Fast Shuffle,

But I didn't drop my ass in this disintegrating easy chair in front of my shitty old refurbished Walmart Black Friday Sale computer to say nice things about the Trump administration.  That would be sheer madness.   Only a complete asshole would opine that positive results could, in the long run, be obtained by down-sizing the public sector and better enabling progress in the private sector.  Only a complete piece of shit would let anyone talk out loud about free market economics.  So I will stick to discussion topics I actually know something about:   The Low End.

I know all about the cheapest merchandise available, like the shit you buy at Walmart, Kmart and off the Internet.  The cheapest blue jeans look near enough as good as the most costly blue jeans to suggest the difference between wealth and poverty isn't great enough to bother getting pissed off about.  People living in upscale gated communities are about as cash strapped as peons flipping burgers for minimum wage.  Even if the upper middle class has it better than the poor, a fast round of corporate downsizing, such as has happened at least once a decade for the last fifty years, could drop the bottom out of an entire social class quicker than snot in February.  If we are unequal, we are all equally subject to financial ruin.  And in the mean time, consumer goods have never been cheaper by way of the Free Trade Agreement.   We have been getting stomped, yet we have all the cheap kitch a fool could wallow in.  Cheer the fuck up.  We still have cheap consumer crap, and there is an outside chance the human condition could, in the long run, improve.

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