Monday, March 21, 2016

Your Man About Town

Looking straight out the front window there's the sight of a Carpet Remnant Warehouse, and I wondered if people still herded alpacas someplace less  developed.  For some reason the place seemed to have the same ugly merchandise since the 1930s.  It's like a Tarzan movie.    Maybe I feel this way because I don't buy carpet remnants.  Acquisition teaches people everything.  The place may be a Mecca.  

A bail bond office opened next block, in flashing lights, also neon liberation credos for a deposit on the bail money.   If you are in trouble, the fast food establishment I was hanging out in is very convenient.   I'd need a cup of coffee after getting bailed out of jail, but luckily I haven't had the pleasure.  As if, I needed the joe because I had to walk a few miles.  It's a tiresome, uninspiring hike along one of the 'Burgh's least decorous assets.   Starting at the East Busway at Herron Station, with it's juicy Check Point Charlie-ness, to Liberty Avenue, which is a purely linear approximation of Chernobyl, the pavement sucks the electrolytes right the fuck out of you.  That's a fact.  There are some nice little haunts.  I don't visit any of them.  Some of them have 'glory holes' in the boys rooms.  

What happened is that I didn't have change for the bus when I got to the terribly depressing, sterile East Busway.   Needs an antidepressant dispenser on both sides of the street.  No prescription needed.  If you're waiting there for a bus, no one doubts you are miserable.  One  ass-freezing winter night I was waiting for the P1 bus, the first letter always reminding me of the word 'penis,' guided by the phalic, flaccid hinged extra long bus.  An African American was there, too, and we were both freezing our ass off there.  He was genial.  We talked.  A procession of police cars, SUVs and city busses, with their marqee set for some sort of business sped down the wide smooth austere lanes.  The fellow turned and said, "They use this Busway to take people to jail."   Thick jurisprudential traffic.

I decided it would be salubrious to hike from Check Point Prozac to town, and don't regret having done it.  The ticker might be thanking me right now for the mildly unfresh air.  The fast food joint is awful nice.  More than worth hiking two miles.

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